Thursday, September 16, 2010

DIY Wall Art

One of the ways to bring colour and life and focal points into a room is through wall art. One of the ways to do this on a budget is to... make it yourself!

Canvas art is by no means a new thing, but it is INCREDIBLY simple to make and can be really effective in spicing up an otherwise boring wall.

I was wandering through the kitchen section of Ikea last week not really looking for anything in particular... just wandering.. and came upon a set of 3 tea towels. The colours were perfect for our otherwise SUPER boring kitchen and rather than dirty them up and use them for their actual purpose I decided to cover  canvas panels...

here we go...
So the tea towels, in true Ikea fashion, are "swedishly" named Ellakajsa. I think they cost $7 for the set. I then picked up 3 40x40cm canvases for $5 each. The tools needed then are simply scissors and decent quality staple gun. I say "decent quality" because I bought a cheap one a while back and it a) hurt to use and b) was crap. It hardly permeated the surfaces I was trying to staple into!

And so then on the left you can see where I began folding and stapling. Really, that's it. I don't have a tip for corners, all I'll say is whatever you're covering ensure you always pull the fabric TIGHT before you staple. Then on the left you can see my 3 finished canvases (is the plural of "canvas" "Canvii"?)

And here they are up and proud in our kitchen. I added some red rick rack to the centre one so that I can peg invites and all-those-important-bits-of-paper-that-you-always-lose up. The pic on the right shows even more canvas art that I got stuck into that night. I'll be sharing where these were used very soon!

So there you go. Super easy and affordable. Perfect for almost any room in the house (I do challenge any of you out there to make some canvas art for their bathroom!). Just find the fabric you like and fold and staple and fold and staple!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Lusi's Lush Spare Room

A great friend and fellow blogger has been busy (in amongst mothering and homeschooling 4 beautiful children - I am exhausted just THINKING about how she does it all!) turning their youngest's room into a spare room. I love Lusi's bargain finds and great ideas!
Here's the before and after. It was a very sweet nursery to begin with, featuring a black, white and purple theme, but now it has been transformed into a striking black, white and red themed spare room. I love the shelves on the far wall that hide away a lot of of homeschooling supplies - Lusi strung up some elastic between 2 3M hooks (I agree Lus, I think we should BOTH be paid to advertise them - I use them everywhere too!) and hung some sheer Ikea curtains over it.
Here's a bargain hunters rundown:
Canvas above bed: $10 from GoLo
Set of black frames: $15 
Cushions on bed: $30 total (!)
Corner shelf: 99¢ off ebay (!!!)
 Paper lanterns: $5 each.

And there are even more bargains and creative ideas to be found on her blog Eternity Matters.


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