Sunday, December 26, 2010

Last minute gift and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

A couple of weeks ago we had an early Christmas party with Mr Jess' family. I decided it would be nice to get something for his (our) one remaining grandparent - Nanny, that didn't include soaps, powders, chocolate or shortbread. I asked my mum-in-law if there was anything Nanny used all the time that could be a practical gift and she said that she wears an apron every day. Perfect! I thought. Could a I find a sweet half apron ANYWHERE?? no. Too many would-be "Masterchef's" around wanting chef's aprons!

so. I made one.

and nearly didn't give it to her because I liked it so much.

here 'tis.

And hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Ours was super hectic... note to self: don't host 2 Christmas parties on the same day... but very rewarding and Little Man was VERY spoilt!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

little darling dresses

Oh how I sometimes wish Little Man was a Little Lady. Really only when it comes to clothing and the fact that girls clothes are so much easier to make! I am determined to come up with some cute little boy clothes this summer, but in the meantime here are a couple of darling dresses and matching headbands that I whipped up last week. The first was custom made for a little lady who is about 6 months old and the second I made to document the journey so I could put a tutorial up here... one day!

This one would fit a 1-2 year old as a dress and then older girlies as a long top over leggings. Bindy.T if you're reading this and thinking that you like it and that it might fit Miss D, then it's yours!

Happy to take custom orders, so just get in touch for pricing and more information. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

christmas gifts on a budget #2

So on Sunday we went to a party for a little girl who turned 2 (not the farmyard party you may have seen here, but another!) and I made a dress as her pressie (yes, I forgot to take photos..ah well). As it was being admired by one of my friends she jokingly said "you don't make headbands for little girls do you Jess?"... my friends should know me better than to joke about craft.

Apparently yes Lisa. A, I do now make headbands!

Here are some I whipped up last night... now if only I had a little girl to put them on!

Now for those of you in the headband buying market... how much do you think I should sell these babies for?


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