Tuesday, July 27, 2010

cheap thrills

With my new whizz bang camera and lens, there isn't much more that makes me happy than being able to take pics of my Little Man. 
spying on the neighbours

having a rest

showing me his sore hand (he burnt it on the heater.. poor little muffin)

Friday, July 23, 2010

A new arrival

and no... I'm not pregnant.

but I am almost as excited to announce the new arrival of a Nikon D90 into our family! (apologies to those who don't really care for camera talk.. feel free to look away now)

ooooh look at it! All shiny and new... I haven't even taken off the protective film yet. (mainly because I haven't started using it yet.) My Father-in-Law has very VERY kindly and generously been lending us his D90 for the past oooh 12 months (!) and we thought it was time to get our own. Also.. Little Man MAY have broken his Poppy's lens, so Poppy gets the kit lens that our D90 came with and I'm getting 2 new ones. (yet to arrive, hence the protective film still sitting there, tempting me)

So look forward to improved pics on the blog - hoorah!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

new website launch!

Soooooo excited to be relaunching what was a dismal attempt at my joyess designs website and is now all shiny and new!

I still have some details to iron out but am too excited and had to share.

It's so hard designing things for myself as I am my own worst critic at the best of times, but I am finally (after literally about 9 months) happy with where and how this site is heading and looking.

Feel free to head on over and have a squiz. Would love any feedback too - positive and constructive!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon Mobile

So on Tuesday I picked up a new paper cutter thing (scrapbookers, feel free to remind me of the proper term!) which cuts a beautiful 2 inch circle perfectly! I had a whole bunch of paper lying around so thought I'd put my cutter to good use and cut it all up... but what does one do with a pile of paper circles? 

hmmm... find a stick, glue, and some string and ta-da! A custom mobile!

of course... there are 2 problems.. 

1) I have a boy child, not a girl child.. so probably not going to match the decor in his room.
2) If i wanted to sell it on Etsy I'm not sure the stick from the backyard would do too well through customs!

Oh well, any takers for their little girl's room? Would love this to find a new home!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Latest bargain purchases

So after our big move I realised I needed ("needed?" debatable) to find and check out all my local charity shops. I was not disappointed! Here are some of my recent bargain buys...

Some shoes and gloves for my Little Man. The shoes are leather, look brand new (I don't actually think they've ever been worn) and were $4. The gloves are so cute and super soft. $1, but then slashed to 50¢. 

Some more leather... a leather shoulder bag for me. Perfect size for wallet/ phone/ keys/ spare dummy and some wipes! Originally $12, but the shop this one came from was having a 50% off sale - $6 for leather?... yesssss!

And a bumper seat for Little Man. Not sure how much these retail for, but probably not the $6 I got it for!

Ok, so these didn't come from a charity shop, but they were still a bargain! They match the theme for Little Man's upcoming 1st birthday and at under $2 a pack - bargain!

Who else has picked up some bargain treasures lately?

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

well hello there new home!

Hello! It's been a little while away, but with good reason! We sold our house, we moved and then we all got sick :(. But, all better now and all ready to blog again. I have to say, even if nobody is reading these posts, this whole blogging caper is pretty addictive!

So yes, we moved. We wanted to buy something straight after we sold, but there was just nothing in the areas we were looking, so we decided rather than stress about it or buy the wrong place, we'd rent.

The blog therefore will have a new direction added to it... along with my usual bargain finding I hope to take you all (!) on the journey of decorating a rental property (in which you can't slap a coat of paint on the wall, you can't re-carpet, you can't even put a hook or nail in the wall!) all the while remaining happily budget conscious.

Here's a first look at the place in "the raw". (apologies for the dodgy pics - only had the iPhone on hand)
Up until a week or so ago this house was blue! I'm very glad of the lovely new coat!
Confused? So were we. It seems the house painters may have been a bit dyslexic when it came to screwing the number back on. We are #68 just by the by.
Ok, ok. I know I might be going bit over the top calling this an entry "hall" but I'm excited to turn this into a lovely welcoming spot.
Woo! This pic only really shows about 1/4 of the garden. There's lots of tidying up to do, but I'm already loving spending time in the winter sun with Little Man.

A bit grey and tired, but big and has tonnes of storage. Oooh and who has spied the dishwasher?? I love it!!

Hmmm... any suggestions for hiding the hideous and not working air con?
Please note the hideous bottle green falling apart home made roman blinds atop the equally hideous glass brick feature windows. Mmmm feature windows..

Just one bedroom pic as they (all 3) are pretty much the same, just differing sizes. Same grey carpet, same grey walls.. hmmm how to warm up all this grey?

Modern art or hideously dated? You decide.

This room has been one of the many surprises this house has given us. Tucked away at the back of the house this room will double as a project/ craft room for me and a play/ fall asleep in the sun room for Little Man and Mr Jess.

So here endeth the tour. Check back for redecorating updates over the next few weeks!


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