Monday, November 29, 2010

christmas gifts on a budget

As Christmas approaches I get very excited about giving presents to all our friends and family ("gift giving" is definitely my love language!) but then all the reality sets in about how much everything costs. So rather than getting sad or mad about it I try to get creative with my present ideas to come up with special gifts that don't break the bank.

This year a few of Little Man's friends will be receiving these custom t-shirts.(I'm clearly banking on the fact that their parents don't read this blog.. oh well, if so, early Merry Christmas!) At $3- $4 each (for the plain tee) at KMart, they really are a bargain!

The doilies on the pink tee were $2 a pair from the Reject Shop (seriously, can I say enough how much I love that place??) the fabric and button on the aqua tee were scraps I had around the house and the white lace band on the yellow tee was off an old shirt. I love that all 3 girls will have a completely unique shirt to wear this summer. 

And for a couple of the other little men in Little Man's life I've done tie tees. Again, the red and white stripy fabric were scraps I had lying around - never throw out your fabric scraps, you never know when they'll come in handy!

So there you go. With a bit of imagination you too can create unique and AFFORDABLE gifts for friends and family this Christmas.

or... if you're really not the crafty type, there are some pre-made tops for women for sale over on my etsy store and I'm happy to take custom orders too!

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